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What If the 49ers Fielded a Baseball Team?

Posted Jul 9, 2014

In the dog days of July, #Niners365 looks at which 49ers would make the best baseball team.

Who would pitch? Who would play first base? Who would save the game?

This was a topic we kicked around in the 49ers.com digital studios and here’s what I came up with for this #Niners365 post...

Pitcher: Colin Kaepernick

Arm-strength is already MLB-caliber. No competition here.

Catcher: Patrick Willis

Solid defense. Plays hurt. Covers a lot of ground. Home-plate collision? No issues whatsoever there.

First Base: Justin Smith

Power hitter in the middle of the lineup.

Second Base: LaMichael James

Foot speed and lateral movement is a big plus here.

Shortstop: Vernon Davis

Super athletic, hurdles any base runner when turning a double-play.

Third Base: Joe Staley

Left side of the infield manned by three-time reigning Pro Bowl left tackle.

Right Field: Anquan Boldin

Will catch anything that comes his way.

Center Field: Michael Crabtree

Trust your life that he’ll catch any can of corn.

Left Field: Tramaine Brock

Breaks on any ball that goes his way.

Setup Man: Bruce Miller

Paves the way for the closer in this figurative scenario, and he does it in real life.

Closer: Frank Gore

Game over when “The Tank” gets rolling.

Manager: Jim Harbaugh

Only concern is how the khaki pants would fly in a dugout.

Pinch Hitter: Glenn Dorsey

Provides pop whenever a starter goes down with injury.

Who should start where and why?

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