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49ers Week on Instagram: Vernon Heads to Sochi

Posted Feb 14, 2014

The "49ers Week on Instagram" returns with another look at what the players are up to in the offseason.

The "49ers Week on Instagram" returns with another look at what the players are up to in the offseason.

Tight end Vernon Davis, a well-documented curling enthusiast, is making another trip to the Olympic games. Before heading to Sochi, Davis was able to make a short stop in Germany for some sight seeing.

Anthony Davis wins the "Follow of the Week" award. It was entertaining to see what the 49ers right tackle was up to as he braved the the snow on the East Coast and toured Boston and New York. It's always good to be able to kick back in the offseason.

Guard Adam Snyder, who spent the 2012 season in Arizona, returned home to take in some "#azlyfe" on the lake.

Marcus Lattimore also spent some time on the water. Personally, I haven't met a cruise I didn't like. Must be nice, Latt.

Here are the highlights from the past week...

@vernondavis95: In Germany for a few hours before heading to Sochi. 9AM

@vernondavis85: Let the gaaaaaaammmmes begin! @sashamarintaylor #curling #usolympics

@adavis_nj: Perfect day to chill in the house. Hopefully this taxi doesn't get stuck.

@adavis_nj: The good days are adding up. Sending y'all some positive vibes.

@jongoody: Snowing in SC again! What is going on? Oh and I was stopped so you don't have to tell me don't snap pics while driving.

@asnyds68: #azlyfe all my buddies are stuck in snow. I trunked it on a lake wake surfing. Save the comments, I threw the rope in right after this pic. :)

@brucemill49er: I'm gonna root for the Bay ... I'm just saying I hope the king has 50

@patricklwillis: I just bought me a new gadget to capture the moments and experiences better in life. Thank you To my awesome assistant Mckenzie @7sistersphotography for finding this camera for me. Watch out @TakeoSpikes51 I got me one now!!!!!

@ewrighteous21: Good night! Peace and blessings to u and urs from the Wright family.. Solid day 1 at Disneyland..

@marcuslattimore38: Right into the ocean......